Sunken Garden Theatre

3875 N. St. Mary's St., San Antonio, TX 78212


Sunken Garden Theater, a historic open-air amphitheater adjacent to Brackenridge Park, regularly hosts city events, commercial functions, and a variety of performances, including comedy, Shakespearean drama, and concerts from jazz to hard rock. An integral part of San Antonio's cultural history since 1930, is set to undergo significant renovations to preserve its historical features and transform it into a state-of-the-art performing arts venue. Renovation plans involve maintaining its iconic columns and integrating them into the new design.

  • This theater has been a communal gathering spot for generations, located in Brackenridge Park, one of the United States' most culturally significant parks.
  • The redevelopment is essential for preserving the historic venue for future generations and will provide substantial returns on investment.
  • The project is spearheaded by Kirk Feldman, President and CEO of KBF and Associates, in collaboration with the Brackenridge Park Conservancy.
  • The vision is to turn the theater into a world-class outdoor performance theater that boasts historically sensitive design and first-class amenities.
  • The proposed plans include upgrading the current substandard conditions, including inadequate staging and power, outdated dressing room facilities, temporary restroom and concessions facilities, and non-compliance with ADA codes.
  • The reimagined theater will feature 7,000 seats (5,900 fixed seats and 1,100 lawn seats), an enclosed stage house, a mass timber roof covering most of the seating, and a schedule of 48 to 60 annual concerts.
  • This mid-sized venue aims to fill a gap in San Antonio's entertainment scene, attracting a wide variety of shows ranging from comedy to various music genres.
  • The revitalized Sunken Garden Theater will not only preserve its historical character but also add modern amenities such as an expanded entrance, two landscaped concessions plazas, permanent restrooms and concession facilities, and a restored waterfall feature.
  • Construction and redevelopment are projected to cost around $62 million and are expected to generate significant economic impact.
  • The project is predicted to generate nearly 1,000 full-time equivalent construction jobs, an economic impact of $111 million, and an ongoing annual impact of $18.2 million from operations.
  • Sound and traffic management are key areas of focus, ensuring minimal sound emission and efficient traffic and parking management for all theater events.
  • The redevelopment of the Sunken Garden Theater is viewed as a crucial asset to the community, offering both economic benefits and a source of enjoyment for generations to come.
  • The Conservancy is committed to restoring the park while preserving its history and enhancing public spaces. Support from the city, county, business interests, the Conservancy, and charitable interests is essential for the success of this ambitious project.