Natural Bridge Caverns

26495 Natural Bridge Cavern Road, Natural Bridge Caverns, TX 78266

(210) 651-6101


Natural Bridge Caverns, renowned for its captivating caves and wide range of activities, is a significant tourist attraction that was initially discovered by four San Antonio college students in 1960. The site owes its name to the natural bridge located above the original discovery tour. As years have passed, the caverns have undergone considerable expansion, and numerous new discoveries have been made, ensuring a constant evolution of the attraction. These improvements and additions include:

  • Multiple cave tours offering diverse subterranean explorations.
  • The Twisted Trails, an expanded ropes course attraction featuring a four-story-tall structure and tubular tracks that operate like ziplines with the added ability to turn and curve.
  • Zip rail attractions for adrenaline-inducing aerial tours.
  • A mining attraction, providing above-ground experiences, where visitors can sift for gemstones, minerals, fossils, or arrowheads.

The original point of emergence, the Discovery Entrance, now marks the beginning of the exploration into previously unseen parts of the cave system. One of the most awe-inspiring areas within the caverns is the Castle of the White Giants. As the second largest room in the cave system, it is adorned with extensive formations and calcite crystals, leaving visitors spellbound. Since 2019, over one and a half miles of new cave systems have been added, continuously expanding the attraction's size. Adding to the array of tours, a new one called "Hidden Wonders" is set to launch in the summer. It is designed to highlight fresh areas of the cave system under a unique lighting setup, culminating in an immersive sound and light show. The Natural Bridge Caverns, thus, continually provide fresh discoveries, revealing new findings and adventures for visitors to immerse themselves in.