Fiesta San Antonio

When: April 24 - May 4, 2025

Where: Downtown San Antonio, San Antonio, TX 78205

Experience a cultural celebration like no other! Fiesta is a 10-day, family-oriented festival filled with over 100 events that honor San Antonio's rich history and traditions. One of the highlights of Fiesta is the Battle of Flowers Parade, the largest parade in the festival, planned and directed completely by women. This parade started in 1891 to honor the heroes of the Alamo and San Jacinto with a procession of horse-drawn carriages, bicycles decorated with fresh flowers, and floats carrying kids dressed as flowers. Other events include the Fiesta Flambeau Parade, lit up with torches and safety flares, and Night in Old San Antonio, with over 16,000 volunteers working to showcase San Antonio's cultural heritage. Get ready for a memorable experience that celebrates the best of San Antonio with Fiesta!

Fiesta Event Calendar