Magik Theatre

420 South Alamo, San Antonio, TX 78205

(210) 227-275


The Magik Theatre, a renowned institution based in the historic Beethoven Hall at Hemisfair Park, San Antonio, offers a large, fully-equipped facility with a seating capacity of 594, a spacious lobby, rehearsal space, and several amenities. This historic building, originally built for the Beethoven Männerchor in 1895, has since been redesigned and refurbished, with a significant expansion in 1997, when the Magik Theatre moved from a smaller storefront location to Beethoven Hall.

Throughout its existence, the Magik Theatre has served over 2.5 million visitors, providing San Antonio’s children and their families with professional, accessible, literature-based theatre and education. Their mission is to create magical storytelling that activates imagination, nurtures young minds, inspires creativity, and fosters a love of learning, contributing to a more literate future for the community.